Castello is situated in the east part of Venice. It is the largest district in land and the second largest in population. It does not however border with the Grand Canal. The Castello district is made up of the area located to the right of the Bridge of Sighs, from the Riva dei Sette Martiri at the bottom until the Fondamente Novo at the top.

The district received its name from the castle San Pietro di Castello that was built in order to defend the area. Originally the district was made up of two islands, the Gemine and the Olivolo which were later on connected together.

Most tourists visit the area that is linked with San Marco along the Riva dei Sette ,  the Biennale as well as the Arsenale and Giardini areas. Walking passed the Dodge’s Palace one will reach Castello after a 15 minute walk. Castello is filled with houses, fish markets, small squares and churches decorated with the work of Tintoretto, Bellini and Veroneze. There are also functional sites such as the hospital. The east side of venice soulf be considered the working class area where the locals live and work. Some tourists explore this area however it is rarer as the bridges and canals are more humble than those in more popular districts. It is generally much quieter and the location is picturesque.

Main Sites in Castello

Scuola of San Giorgio degli Schiavoni

Scuola di San Marco

Venetian Arsenal

Fondazione Querini Stampalia

Libreria Acqua Alta

Cuore di Mattonimartiti


Churches in Castello

Church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo (San Zanipoli)

Church of San Giorgio dei Greci

Campo Santa Maria Formosa and Church of Santa Maria Formosa

Church and Ospedale della Pietà

Church of San Zaccaria

Church of Sant'Elena

San Pietro di Castello

Castello photos: 
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  • San Pietro di Castello
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