Santa Croce is one of the six districts in Venice and is the smallest one. It is however the only once that can be accessed by car and which is linked to the mainland by the Ponte della Libertà.

It received its name from the Santa Croce Monastery in which a piece from the Holy cross of  Jerusaelm was kept in.The monastery however does not exist today as was demolished in 1810 , leaving the  Gardino Papadopoli stand in its place. The district is situated within the upper curve of the Grand Canal in the west part of Venice. It borders with the Grand Canal to the north, as well as the San Polo  and Dorsoduro districts. There are four bridges that cross the Grand Canal , two of them being in Santa Croce - The Constitution Bridge and the Scalzi Bridge.

Made up of the North West part of the main islands and is divided into two areas, the east area which is medieval, and the west area that includes the main port and the artificial island of Tronchetto that was built in order to park cars. The west part is industrialised making it one of the less interesting locations in the city. It is however one of the busiest due to the bus station. From Rialto, cross from either of the bridges to get to Santa Croce. The Santa Croce district includes the Piazzale Roma which is the only area in the city that visitors can travel by car, bus or motorbike. The bus station is also located at Piazzale Roma. The east part of the district is where most tourist attractions are located.

Main Sites in San Polo

Fondaco dei Turchi

Museum of the History of Fabric and Costume

Patrician Palace

Ca’Corner della Regina

Pallazo Emo Diedo

Palazzo Soranzo Capello

Palazzo Mocenigo

Parco Pubblico Papadopoli


Churches in San Polo

San Nicolo da Tolentino

San Giacomo dell’Orio

San Zan Degola

San Simeon Piccolo

San Stae

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museum of natural history
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