Venice Islands

Venice has numerous islands (over 100), many of them are abandoned and others have very few residents. However the islands in the lagoon are charming and have many hidden treasures that few tourists know about.

Most tourists restrict themselves to the San Marco district, or on a trip to Murano for its well-known glass and crystals or Burano with its colourful houses and famous lace creations. Very few are those who have heard of all the other islands. Some of the islands have special interest, many attractions and endless routes along its coasts. A different view of Venice where visitors will see real locals. The islands are scattered around in the lagoon ecosystem as if to protect it. Many of them do not even have access to the public, they are just large farmlands or former monastic spaces.

Most of the islands became known with the passing of pilgrims towards the Holy Land during the 6th century, which also explains so many monasteries. Even though they are deserted today , they were used are refuge for the residents of the Veneto Valley due to the constant invasions by the Huns of Atilla after the fall of the Roman Empire.

For the complete list of  all the islands in Venice you can refer to  the Venice Islands List , or to the links below.

Venice Districts map

All Islands in Venice

Burano Island

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Lido di Venezia (Venice Lido)

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Murano Island

Murano is situated in the lagoon of Venice, in north Italy. It is an island, or more precisely a group of islands that are divided by narrow...