Venetian cuisine is characterised for its seafood, but also includes horticultural from the islands of the lagoon, rice from the continental hunting and polenta.

Venice combines local traditions with distant influences from thousands of commercial contacts. Amongst them are sarde in saor (marinated sardines so that they are preserved for long trips), risi e bisi (rice, peas and ham), fegato alla Veneziana (Venetian liver), risotto with cuttlefish and ink, cicchetti (tasty snacks similar to tapas), antipasti (appetizers) and prosecco (a sparkling white wine).

In addition, Venice is also famous for bisato (marinated eel), baicoli biscuits (golden oval biscuits) and various types of sweets such as pan del pescatore (fisherman bread), biscuits with almond and peanut, biscuits with fried Venetian cream or the bussolai (biscuits and butter cookies in an S shape or ring shape) from the island of Burano, fregolotta (a crispy cake with almonds), milk pudding rosada and biscuits from yellow semolina (zaleti).

Venetian Cuisine photos: 
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