Situated in the heart of Venice, in the iconic St. Mark's Square, the Museo Correr, often referred to as the Correr Museum, offers an extensive panorama of Venetian history and art. This article takes you on a virtual journey through this spectacular museum, highlighting its key collections and exhibits.

The Museo Correr is housed in the Napoleonic Wing of the Procuratie Nuove, a grand building that was once the residence of the Austrian royal family. Named after Teodoro Correr, a nobleman who donated his extensive collection to the city, the museum encompasses a wide range of artifacts that provide insight into Venice's rich past. 

The tour of the Museo Correr begins with the Imperial Rooms, which were the private apartments of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria and his wife Elisabeth. These rooms, preserved in their original state, showcase period furniture, ornate chandeliers, and beautiful frescoes, offering a glimpse into the opulence of 19th-century royal life. 

The museum features an extensive collection dedicated to the history and daily life of Venice. From the evolution of the Venetian government to the traditions of the city's guilds, these exhibits present an immersive narrative of the city's past. Additionally, there are displays of antique maps and coins, ancient nautical instruments, and a fascinating exhibit on the historical evolution of the St. Mark's Square.

The Museo Correr is home to an important collection of Venetian art from the 13th to the 16th centuries. This collection includes masterpieces by artists like Giovanni Bellini, Vittore Carpaccio, and Lorenzo Lotto. The Neoclassical section houses works by Antonio Canova, one of Italy's most renowned neoclassical sculptors. 

The museum also houses the Biblioteca Correr, a library containing over 20,000 volumes of Venetian history and art. Moreover, the Museo Correr frequently hosts special exhibits and events, showcasing both local and international artists and collections.

The Museo Correr offers visitors a unique journey through Venice's history and culture. Its grand rooms and extensive collections bring to life the city's vibrant past, from the opulence of imperial residences to the artistic treasures of Venetian masters. Whether you are a history buff, an art enthusiast, or simply curious about Venetian culture, a visit to the Museo Correr is sure to be a captivating and enriching experience.

Museo Correr (Correr Museum)




Museo Correr San Marco, 52 30124 Venice Visita il Museo Correr


+39 041 2405211


+39 041 5200935


Entrance Fee:

Full price Ticket:

25,00 euro Reduced Ticket: 13,00 euro Children aged from 6 to 14; students aged from 15 to 25; visitors over 65; holders of the Rolling Venice Card; titolari di ISIC – International Student Identity Card.

Free entrance: * Venetian citizens and residents; children aged from 0 to 5; disabled people with helper; tourist guides enabled in Italy accompanying groups or individual visitors; for groups of at least 15 people, 1 free entrance (only with prior booking); accompanying teachers of school groups (up to 2 teachers per group); ICOM members; MUVE ordinary partners; MUVE Friend Card holders; holders of Art Pass Venice Foundation; holders of Membership card Fondazione Venetian Heritage (valid for two people); members of “Amici dei Musei e Monumenti Veneziani”.

Family Offer: reduced ticket for all family paying members, for families of two adults and at least one child (up to 14) School Offer: 5,50 euros per person (valid for entrance from September 1st to March 15th) for students of all schools levels accompanied by their teachers; a list of the students’ names must be provided by the school, valid also for up to two people accompanying the group.

Operating hours:

From November 1st to March 31st 10.30 am – 5 pm (last admission 4.30 pm) from April 1st to October 31st 10 am – 7 pm (last admission 6.30 pm)

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