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Venice Flag & National symbols

The Venetian Republic Flag is considered to be the most beautiful flag that was created. It is the flag that waved in the galleon of San Domenic Contarini, the Doge of Venice from 1659-1675. The colours of the flag are red and gold which were the colours of the navy, heritage from the Roman and then Byzantine Empire. The deep red is a characteristic of the Venetian navy flags as well as the military uniform. However it must be noted that the official colours of Venice are blue and gold.

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Travelling Documents

Please see all the related information and the necessary documentation to travel to Italy. Just like any other country, travelling to Italy is simple and easy. The documentation required, sometimes may vary based on your nationality.

Where is Venice ?

Venice is a city in Italy, built upon a group of 118 small islands that are divided by channels and linked together with bridges. It is the capital of the Veneto district and is located in the marshy lagoon that spreads along the coastline between the estuarine of the rivers Padua and Piave. Venice is famous for its beautiful location, its architecture and its work of art. The entire town is recorded as a Unesco World Heritage along with its lagoon.

Venice Map

Facts and Statistics

Location: Italy
Climate: Venice has a humid subtropical climate with cool winters and very warm summers.
Population: 261,321 (January 2018)
Ethnic Make-up: Italian 91, 14%, Romanians 3, 26%, South Asia 1, 26%, East Asia 0, 9 %( 2009)

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